Salad Servers Full Zulu Beadwork in Poly Bag

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Salad Servers Full Zulu Beadwork in Poly Bag
Item Code: CSS2B
Salad Servers Full Zulu Beadwork in Poly Bag - Item Code: CSS2B

Zulu Beadwork is a traditional skill that has been passed down from generation to generation. The handmade beadwork is unique in its patterns and colours, and historically was used as a means of conveying feelings and messages. The beadwork is generally done by Zulu woman who work from their homes which enables them to combine their craft work with their normal routines eg looking after children, cooking, tending crops and other daily chores. They have taken the traditional skill and converted it to create a unique and elegant beaded cutlery.

Our Zulu Beadwork can be broadly divided into two sections:
1]Ethnic Colours (the more traditional bright opaque colours i.e. blue, red, yellow, turquoise, white, orange,      green, lime etc.)
2]Fashion Colours
(shiny transparent colours i.e. gold, silver, glitter as well as a variety of transparent colours.) The Fashion Zulu Beadwork Range is available in a number of colour combinations each allocated with a colour code.

The salad servers can be made in any of the colours shown:

C02: Silver, Black and Gold

C03: Gold, Brown and Black

C04: Silver, Red, Grey, Purple

C05: Purple, Lavender, Grey

C06: Lime, Turquoise, Glitter

C07: Orange, Red, Naartjie

C013: Turquoise, Navy, Light Blue

C017: Light Pink, Peach and Plum

Multi Ethnic

Black and White

All the cutlery is stainless steel and the wire used is nontoxic, non corrodible. Wash by hand only.

Unless otherwise requested you will receive a mixture of colours.

Product Specifications

Our products are hand crafted and sizes are an average. The colour, design and size may vary slightly.

Weight: 0.145 kg
Length: 7.00   cm
Width: 0.00   cm
Height: 28.50   cm