Wire Art Cards

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Wire Art Cards
Item Code: C13
Wire Art Cards - Item Code: C13

Various wire art designs on coloured handmade paper with matching handmade envelope on a white board. The wire art designs include: bride & groom, flower, dandelion, star, fairy, house, pram, horse shoe, cat, music notes, fish, heart, horse, cow, rooster, duck, dog, bee, crocodile, elephant, turtle, octopus, guinea fowl, bicycle, rugby ball, speed boat, golf club & ball, strawberry, beetle car, guitar, minibus, sax, spade & fork, dolphin, bucket & spade, sun, duck, butterfly, owl, whale, lizard, bird, dragonfly, present, teddy bear, moon, chameleon, guitarist & drummer, some of which are shown below. They are packaged in a poly prop bag. Unless otherwise requested you will receive a mixture of designs.

Product Specifications

Our products are hand crafted and sizes are an average. The colour, design and size may vary slightly.

Weight: 0.016 kg
Length: 12.00   cm
Width: 0.00   cm
Height: 16.50   cm