Animal Antics Cards

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Animal Antics Cards
Item Code: C18
Animal Antics Cards - Item Code: C18
This is a range of humorous birthday cards with an animal theme. The cup cakes are decorated with colourful beads. The square cards are 130mm x 130mm and are packaged in a poly prop bag with a 140mm handmade envelope. The long cards are 210mm x 105mm and are packaged with a 220mm x 110mm handmade paper envelope. A sticker showing the message inside the card is used to secure the poly prop bag. Unless otherwise requested you will receive a mixture of designs.
Text inside cards:
C18 A: Feel fabulous, Go Large
C18 B: I for to remember then remembered I forgot..Happy birthday
C18 C: the perfect reason to! Happy Birthday
C18 D: I’m hysterical. Happy Birthday
C18 E: smile and wave, just smile and wave
C18 F: so just relax! Hope you have a chill-out day
C18 G: you can’t escape me wishing you a wonderful birthday
C18 H: it must be your birthday! have a good one!
C18 I: you are another year older. Have a happy birthday
C18 J: its great being king for a day! Have a right royal birthday
C18 K: its that time of year again already!? In that case, have a hopping good birthday!
C18 L: you! birthday! here! today! Hip Hip Hooray!
C18 M: Congratulations
C18 N: Lots
C18 O: on your new arrival
C18 P: brings such sweet joy
C18 Q: rock!
C18 R: knows no bounds
C18 S: youve tied the knot. wishing you both ...
C18 T: Well of course you have, its your birthday, have a rainbow-coloured day
C18 U: so long, farewell. see you later
C18 V:  for being my friend
C18 W:  a speedy recovery
C18 X: its party time
C18 Y: ..together
C18 Z:’re totally cool
C18 Z(1):thats your home, all the best on your move
C18 Z(2): its great being related too you
C18 Z(3): much
C18 Z(4): ...have a way of sneaking up on you.. Enjoy your day!
C18 Z(5): So much to smile about!
C18 Z(6): just grin and bear it!
C18 Z(7): Yay! its time to celebrate!
C18 Z(8): it’s time to party!
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Weight: 0.019 kg
Length: 14.00   cm
Width: 0.00   cm
Height: 14.00   cm