C6 Nepalese Envelopes

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C6 Nepalese Envelopes
Item Code: NEPC6
C6 Nepalese Envelopes - Item Code: NEPC6

115mm x 160mm

Our envelopes are handmade, and therefore possesses a certain charm as no sheet is exactly the same. It is textured, strong, acid free.
Its many uses include wedding & birthday invitations, wrapping presents, scrapbooking, menus, card-making, paper crafts, photo mounts, business cards and covering books and boxes.

All ranges are available in a wide variety of colours.


Paper Packaging
Upon request all of our A4 paper, A4 board and envelopes can now be beautifully packaged for you.
Your order can be packed in polyprop bags in either packs of 5 or packs of 10 at a packaging charge of R0.75 per pack. Each pack will have a barcode label with the details of the paper type, colour and pack size. It will also
have a branding label providing information about the story on paper making, the uses of handmade paper
and printing abilities.



Product Specifications

Our products are hand crafted and sizes are an average. The colour, design and size may vary slightly.

Weight: 0.007 kg
Length: 16.00   cm
Width: 11.50   cm
Height: 0.00   cm